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Influenza Diagnosis

Proper diagnosis is essential for early and appropriate treatment

The common cold and influenza are two distinct illnesses with distinct symptoms — recognize the signs and symptoms when they present.

Recognizing Influenza Symptoms4

Signs and symptoms Influenza Cold
Symptom onset Abrupt Gradual
Fever Usual; lasts 3-4 days Rare
Aches Usual; often severe Slight
Chills Fairly common Uncommon
Exhaustion Usual Sometimes
Sneezing Sometimes Usual
Stuffy nose Sometimes Common
Sore throat Sometimes Common
Chest discomfort, cough Common; can be severe Mild to moderate; hacking cough
Headache Common Rare

This influenza season, encourage your patients to come at the onset of symptoms

  • Only 42% of adults (aged 18 years and older) received an influenza vaccination during the 2012-2013
    influenza season.5
  • If taken within 48 hours of symptom onset, antiviral therapy may6:
    • Reduce the severity of illness
    • Shorten the duration of illness